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Come to our cafe

Weekly changing, seasonal menus at our dacha cafe in magical woodland.


When: every Tuesday 10am - 4pm

with regular evening pop-up dinners.


Where: Queen's Woods Cafe, Highgate, N10

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Upcoming Events

The Nutcracker: Russian Winter Tale Immersive Supper Club

27 November, 7 and 18 December

Queen's Wood cafe (Highgate)

Immerse yourself into the world of Russian winterland, fairytales and Slavic lavish feasting.

We invite you to enjoy a 5-course feast inspired by the enchanting story of the Nutcracker.

The sweet Tchaikovsky ballet version of the Nutcracker is what the world knows. It's mesmerising. Yet during the evening you’ll also come to experience the original Hoffmann’s story. All together more surreal…


Feast and a welcome drink, with a theatrical element