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Russian Pie Farm To Table Catering London

Soul food from the 'New East'


Natural and seasonal food, served with elegance.


From intimate dinners at home to gala receptions and weddings, we bring the flavours of Eastern Europe to London.

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About us
Karina Baldry Founder of Rosehip and Rye Catering

About Rosehip + Rye

From Estonia and Ukraine to Georgia and beyond, we bring the flavours of the ‘New East’ to London.

We provide food catering for private and corporate events and deliver boxes of freshly-prepared food to your doors once a week.


Whether you're looking for intimate dinner party catering, wedding catering or corporate events catering. Rosehip + Rye make natural, home-cooked food with elegance and exceptional provenance. 


We want Londoners to discover (or to recall) the wonderful food of our homelands.

Who are we?

Katrina (Katya) grew up in Estonia to a Ukrainian mother and a father from Crimea.


Karina was born in Moscow with her dad's family hailing from the Caucasus, of Armenian and Georgian origins...

Katrine Kollegaeva Food Anthropologist Founder of Rosehip and Rye Catering
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Vegetables Farm to Table Catering in London


On the quality of our ingredients 

Making Eastern-European food with really good quality, British produce, is what got us into this project in the first place.*


We prioritise organic, local ingredients to avoid chemicals and have fresher food. This means a better connection to the land of the country we live in. 


So, most of our meat is from The Butchery, who specialise in native, free-range, grass-fed meat. Eggs are free-range as a minimum.

 Flour is organic from Shipmill in Gloucestershire. Kefir is organic from Bio-tiful Dairy and bread is mostly from Karaway Bakery, a local Eastern-European company.


Yoghurt and labneh are from Kappacein Dairy, made by lovely Bill in London with raw, organic milk. Oh, and our salo and other cured meats are made in Wales at Trealy Farm Charcuterie.

We cook all our dishes from scratch. Yes, even mayonnaise.


*It helped that Katya spent 10 years working for the Soil Association, the largest body in the UK campaigning for organic food and farming.



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